Social Entrepreneurship – My Journey To The USA

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Social Entrepreneurship is the theme for my trip to the United Stated of America Every couple of days during my adventure i will post a new video so check back!!

VIDEO 4 – STANFORD – Executive Program in Social Entrepreneurship – Day By Day Version

VIDEO 4 – STANFORD – Executive Program in Social Entrepreneurship – Summary Version
A summary video with some snapshots about my time studying social entrepreneurship at Stanford University! Full video is above.

VIDEO 3 – SAN FRANCISCO PART 1 – Meeting Some Incredible People and at Stanford

My first few days in San Francisco were full of meetings with interesting people, a basketball game and a day at Stanfords learning design thinking.

VIDEO 2 – MY TIME IN MINNEAPOLIS – Some Awesome Partnerships on The Horizon

My three days in Minneapolis, Minnesota where it dropped below -31 degrees celsius but i learnt so much about the landscape of organisations focused on young people in the USA!


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